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Do YOU have what it takes to be Spoiled Fabulous?

Spoiled Fabulous is known to its clients for its impeccable staffing services. We work with hundreds of reps each year across the country on a diverse variety of events and campaigns. Spoiled Fabulous believes that it’s vital to work with ONLY the best so our recruiting and staff selection is extensive.

Recruiting and staff selection are based on these 4 primary considerations:

Personality: The ability to host a memorable interaction with consumers and represent brands confidently and professionally. Energy, charisma and a smile are the basic characteristics we look for. These things are key to an engaging consumer experience. A healthy attitude and positive outlook leave a lasting impression!

Reliability: We expect our event staff to work with integrity, be dependable and true team players. Being reliable doesn’t just mean showing up to work on time and responding to emails. Be positive, proactive and get excited about your experience working onsite.

Health: Active, able-bodied men/women are important when it comes to representing a brand or hosting an event to the fullest potential. Promotional work can be physically challenging at times. This can include outdoor events in the heat of the summer, long tradeshow hours, hosting events where staying connected with consumers and guests calls for high energy onsite with the consumer for extended durations of time. Health is vital to being a successful Brand Ambassador and Promotional Model!

Communication: Communication is the most important asset in our process. Our reps are judged on how well they respond, listen and take direction as well as share information with consumers. When you’re a Brand Ambassador or Promotional Model, your job is to educate, engage and connect with consumers in a unique and memorable way.

If you have what it takes, then contact us at staffing@spoiledfabulous.com to find out how you can join our team.

A little Spoiled Fabulous history

Here’s how we came to be, what we’ve accomplished and why we do it.

I was raised in a middle-class family and was taught that there was nothing more important than hard work. I started working at a very young age doing a newspaper route with my sister and working on a farm looking after horses. When I turned 16, and I was in high school, the world was my oyster. I could work wherever I wanted to, which excited me. I worked as a server for a catering company, I worked at a restaurant, at a vet clinic, a bakery, a call centre, a retirement home. I also groomed horses, helped out at my father’s café and was the lead singer in a band – and I went to school! I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

After returning from college for the summer, I worked at various venues as a server and bartender. I also did promotional modeling and Brand Ambassador work, some even in the US. I quickly became the staffing manager and event manager at a reputable catering company. That’s when I fell in love with event staffing and the industry in general. I loved it so much that I decided to open my company. In the summer of 2006, I opened Spoiled Fabulous Events and Promotions. We offered staffing and special event execution services.

My goal was to seek out opportunities, connect with people, share my capabilities and get busy doing what I loved. Working on jobs large and small for what felt like 23 hours a day, continuing to educate myself and stay relevant and knowledgeable in the industry allowed me to build and expand the company’s service offering. Spoiled Fabulous continued to develop, and before we knew it, our services had expanded to all Canadian markets and we were executing events and providing staffing services for clients in major US markets as well.

In January 2012, Burst Experiential Marketing Group was launched. Burst is a full service agency that creates, produces and executes experiential programs, providing turnkey programs from the ground up that include social media, digital technology and creative service components.

Since Spoiled Fabulous opened the doors 9 years ago, it has done staffing and execution for some of the biggest brands and agencies in Canada and the US including Charton Hobbs, Playboy, Rugby Canada, Rogers, Canada Post, CAPCOM, Victoria’s Secret, Labatt’s, Energizer, DIESEL, Trojan, Nissan, Hagen, Pepsi and Columbia Sportswear.

Spoiled Fabulous has also had the pleasure of working with non-profit organizations such as The Ontario Lung Association and Causeforce in both Canada and the USA, executing their Annual Outreach Programs for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Concrete Hero and The Underwear Affair.

It’s been an exhilarating journey—the clients we have worked with and learned from, the events and campaigns we have been a part of, the colleagues we have worked with over the years—these experiences are rare and invaluable. We would not be where we are today without the exceptional staff who we have worked with and who have been a part of our company over the years. Our Managers, Team Leaders, Regional Managers and staff have been the voice and face of some pretty impressive and high profile brands. We always work with our staff as we would work with partners, the same way that we promise to work with our clients.

Spoiled Fabulous and Burst XMG will continue to work hard, be a loyal, professional and trusted supplier and partner to our clients – and to our future clients! Let us bring our passion, creativity and experience to your next experiential marketing program.

We provide event staff for:

  • Experiential Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Tours
  • Sampling Campaigns
  • Alcohol/Liquor Promotions
  • PR Stunts
  • Flash Mobs
  • Tradeshows
  • Corporate Events
  • Conventions
  • Product Launches
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Food Truck Tours
  • Food/Beverage Promotion
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Promotional Tours
  • Conferences
  • Grand Opening Events
  • Sports/Athletic Events
  • Concerts
  • Music Videos
  • Print Ads
  • Fashion Shows

Types of event staff we offer:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Promotional Models
  • Street Teams
  • Event Hostess
  • Product Samplers
  • Corporate Spokespeople
  • Registration Staff
  • Costume Character and Mascots
  • Bartenders
  • Servers
  • Wait Staff
  • Sales Staff
  • Outreach Teams
  • Dancers
  • Stunt Teams
  • Actors

Some of the industries we serve:

  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Automotive
  • Food/Beverage
  • Sports
  • Hospitality
  • Alcohol/Liquor/Wine/Spirits
  • Financial
  • Toys
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Television/Film
  • Online Services

Who we have worked with:

  • Brands and Service Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Public Relations (PR) Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Event Organizers
  • Marathons and Sporting Event Companies
  • Festivals and Concert Producers
  • Venues
  • and many more!

To us, staff training is crucial – here’s why

Whether your staff, brand ambassadors, promotional models are working a few hours or on a program that runs over several months, Spoiled Fabulous believes that diligent event staff training is crucial and is directly tied to the success of your event or campaign.

By investing in a thorough staff training session, not only are you providing your reps with the foundation to speak confidently about your brand, but you are also ensuring that your team will be communicating key messaging in a consistent way in–field to your consumers.

Training your event staff provides them with the tools and knowledge to become an extension of your company, your brand ambassador. Brand Managers posses a passion that cannot be re-created, so we encourage sharing the knowledge and passion you have for your company and brands with your reps. This will enhance the onsite consumer experience, create accountability and set the standard for your expectations onsite.

Staff training is overlooked at times because it can be a costly expense. Spoiled Fabulous offers several cost effective solutions. Call us and ask us how we can help you get your staff trained for your next big event.

Cool facts about Gen-Y and the future of Experiential Marketing

The experiential marketing world has been rapidly changing. Every year, the industry has continued to grow, becoming more diverse in how experiential marketers are connecting consumers and brands. Leading technology, social trends and quality consumer engagement, both online and face-to-face, are building the road to the way marketers will be connecting with consumers in the future.

Traditional media and retail marketing is no longer fulfilling the demand to successfully capture audiences and make them loyal followers. The eruption of social media has allowed consumers to have a voice, an opinion, and create demands. Those comments are all shared online via their personal networks.

A recent study on Millennial Consumers (http://millennialbranding.com/2015/millennial-consumer-study/) states that 33% of millennials selected blogs as their top media source. Fewer than 3% ranked TV News, Magazines and books as an influence to their purchasing habits. They also don’t trust traditional advertising because they want to get opinions from their friends, parents and online experts before making a purchase.

Here’s another interesting fact: 39% said they would share the product online if it was “good quality” and 30% said they would if it was a good “customer experience.”

And the best part? 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.

This study, done in early 2015 by Elite Daily and Millennial Branding, provides an interesting insight into the future of experiential marketing and the primary way brands will be interacting with their consumers.

Engaging experiences, integrated with relevant online content and captivating social strategies are what experiential marketers do best. We believe that what is known as “Experiential Marketing” today will evolve to become known as “Traditional Media” in the very near future.