To us, staff training is crucial – here’s why

Whether your staff, brand ambassadors, promotional models are working a few hours or on a program that runs over several months, Spoiled Fabulous believes that diligent event staff training is crucial and is directly tied to the success of your event or campaign.

By investing in a thorough staff training session, not only are you providing your reps with the foundation to speak confidently about your brand, but you are also ensuring that your team will be communicating key messaging in a consistent way in–field to your consumers.

Training your event staff provides them with the tools and knowledge to become an extension of your company, your brand ambassador. Brand Managers posses a passion that cannot be re-created, so we encourage sharing the knowledge and passion you have for your company and brands with your reps. This will enhance the onsite consumer experience, create accountability and set the standard for your expectations onsite.

Staff training is overlooked at times because it can be a costly expense. Spoiled Fabulous offers several cost effective solutions. Call us and ask us how we can help you get your staff trained for your next big event.